Living on Borrowed Light

All traditions of wisdom, all mystics, all seekers of truth, all lovers give us the same message:

“There is a fabulous treasure hidden in the human heart!”

This Light is hiding within each human being waiting patiently to be uncovered and kindled to full illumination.  The quest for this Light has been the perennial purpose of life.

We are born of light.  We remain filled with light through life and after our death…..but throughout life we can forget about this loving, guiding, creative, energetic light.


Sometimes because of our beginnings our light can be seen as shade, as darkness, as desire that must be hidden. Sometimes we are taught that we must keep our light small, that it is not for others to witness, not for others to be enthralled and drawn to.  Sometimes the light is taken from us, and other times it is allowed to shine and breathe and express its purity for all to see.

We need the energy of the light to create the life we wish for.

When our own light is small and diminished we borrow and steal and draw unsustainable light to us……light that cannot maintain and keep our spirit alive , light that may for a time feed the ego, but starve the soul.  Light drawn from others, from power, from money from sources outside of ourselves.

Light is energy. Each person is supposed to live off his or her own life energy, happily and independently.  However, many, if not most people give away some of their energy to others.  This is fine if you are in control of the situation.  However, often one is not in control, and others may essentially manipulate your energy field in certain ways to extract energy in a stealth manner.

Your light only needs the smallest opportunity to shine, to move, to illuminate the way for you, if you can find the spirit within, know it and breathe life into it.

Global healing begins first with personal healing. Healing the planet will only happen when we all individually become healed.

Remember who you truly are by living from a place of authenticity and freedom in alignment with your Light and Spirit!

Once you awaken and remember that you are a being manifesting the tremendous light and love of Spirit and possess extraordinary gifts of creative potential, you then are truly Living your own Light.

Lastly, celebrate the sacred and divine being that you are. Always remember how beautiful, amazing and unique your life is. Never be afraid to let your light shine forth, for the world would be a much dimmer place without you in it!

Give yourself the Gift of Light.  Danielle xxxx

Just a small light is enough, and you can go on with that small light for ten thousand miles without any difficulty.

Your light may be falling only four feet ahead of you – just go on moving.

As you move, the light will be moving ahead, and if you can see four feet ahead, that’s enough.

You can go as far as you want.

You can go on an eternal pilgrimage with just a small light of your own.

Don’t live on borrowed light.
Don’t live on borrowed eyes.
Don’t live on borrowed concepts.

Live according to your own light, and your life will be, each and every moment, a greater joy, a greater blissfulness, a greater ecstasy.   ~Osho

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